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Do You Need Representation for a Criminal Case?

Skilled legal representation is necessary when facing legal charges. Whether dealing with minor infractions or serious felonies, every criminal case carries potential consequences that can impact your life significantly. Washo & Spivey has the local experience you need to help you navigate through the criminal justice system. We represent clients in all types of criminal cases including DUI, sex crimes, assault and battery, drug crimes, violent crimes, injunctions, domestic violence, and criminal traffic violations.

Jaimie Washo Spivey, with over 16 years of local criminal law experience, began as a Prosecutor in Lake and Sumter Counties in 2008 before serving as an Assistant Public Defender and founding her own firm in 2014. John Spivey, a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, brings over 35 years of experience, formerly a partner at Graves & Spivey, P.A., and an Executive Assistant Public Defender specializing in Death Penalty Litigation, with extensive experience in jury trials from misdemeanors to first-degree murder cases.

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Criminal Defense Services


Thorough representation and legal guidance to help you navigate aggravated DUI, DUI with property damage or injury, and DUI manslaughter charges.

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Sex Crimes

Tailored defense for a spectrum of sex offense cases including misconduct allegations, child pornography, and sexual assault charges.

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Assault & Battery

Our firm offers specialized legal representation to secure the best possible outcome for charges ranging from aggravated assault, battery, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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Drug Charges

In-depth defense for drug-related charges and accusations. From possession to trafficking, we utilize expert legal strategies to navigate complex cases.

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Violent Crimes

We provide comprehensive defense for diverse violent crime allegations ranging from robbery, homicide, and firearm offenses.

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Focused legal assistance for all types of injunctions, including injunctions and protective orders, to ensure thorough representation of your personal safety and rights.

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Domestic Violence

Expert defense for domestic violence cases including spousal abuse and child endangerment. We offer robust representation to address these personal legal challenges.

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Criminal Traffic Violations

Strategic representation for a range of criminal traffic violations including reckless driving, suspended license, fleeing and alluding, and vehicular homicide.

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Protecting Your Rights Inside & Outside the Courtroom

The quality of your defense can be the difference between a a prison sentence or no jail time at all. At Washo & Spivey, protecting your rights both inside and outside the courtroom is our primary concern. Our meticulous approach in legal defense extends to challenging evidence, questioning procedural missteps, and presenting strong arguments to protect your rights as a defendant.

Support That Comes With Success

We’ve lost track of the number of criminal cases we’ve resolved. Many of our notable results come from drunk driving incidents and other related situations. These successes and experience put us on a first-name basis with many courtroom officials, lawyers, and clerks. We also understand the evidence needed to secure a “not guilty” verdict.

Providing Strong Legal Representation in Lake & Sumter County

Common Types of Criminal Offenses in Central Florida

The most common types of criminal offenses in Central Florida include DUI and battery. Other common criminal offenses include drugs, theft and burglary, violent crimes such as assault and battery, domestic violence cases, and various types of fraud. If you’re a defendant facing a criminal charge, it’s crucial to have an aggressive attorney who understands the specifics of criminal law and the types of defenses that can be used in your case.


Our firm offers comprehensive legal support for DUI cases, including those with additional complexities such as DUI with Property Damage, Serious Bodily Injury, or Manslaughter. Understanding the severe impact of these charges, we aim to guide you through the legal process, advocating for your rights and assisting in obtaining a business purposes-only license when necessary.

Sex Crimes

Washo & Spivey provide tailored legal defense for a variety of sex crime allegations, including Sexual Battery, Lewd and Lascivious Molestation and/or Conduct, Traveling to Meet a Minor, and Possession of Child Pornography. Our approach focuses on the unique aspects of each case, ensuring a defense strategy that respects your legal rights while addressing the specific charges.

Assault & Battery

Assault and battery charges can range from minor physical confrontations to serious, harmful actions with significant legal consequences. We handle cases involving Aggravated Battery, Simple Assault, Simple Battery, and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, leveraging our criminal trial expertise to secure the best possible outcome.

Domestic Violence

Our firm offers strategic defense for domestic violence cases, including charges like Domestic Battery and Child Abuse. We understand the personal nature of these cases and provide robust representation, including assistance in addressing legal measures like lifting no-violent contact orders to ensure the plaintiff’s rights are protected.

Criminal Traffic Violations

We represent clients facing various criminal traffic violations, from minor infractions like speeding to more serious crimes such as Reckless Driving, Fleeing and Eluding, and Vehicular Homicide. These violations can lead to penalties including fines, points on a driver’s license, or even imprisonment for severe offenses.


Injunctions are legal orders issued by a court requiring an individual to do or refrain from doing specific actions. They are often used in situations of domestic violence, stalking, or harassment, providing legal protection to the complainant by restricting the respondent’s behavior and actions to prevent potential harm or harassment.

Drug Charges

Facing drug charges requires a robust legal strategy, and our firm is equipped to handle cases from Drug Possession to Drug Trafficking. We offer in-depth defense, utilizing our legal expertise to effectively manage these often complex and nuanced cases, aiming to protect your rights and interests.

Violent Crimes

Our legal services extend to defending against a variety of violent crime allegations, including Robbery, Homicide, and Firearm Offenses, particularly those falling under the 10/20/Life category. We focus on comprehensive defense strategies, tailored to the specifics of each case, to uphold your rights and seek favorable outcomes.

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Legal Representation & Support for Criminal Cases

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, schedule a free consultation with a Bushnell criminal defense attorney, Tavares criminal defense attorney, or a The Villages criminal defense attorney to discuss your case, answer any questions, and determine the best course of action.

Our offices are conveniently located right next to the Lake and Sumter County Jails and Courthouses, allowing us to provide our clients with local representation and support. We have former prosecutor and criminal trial experience and know how to help clients achieve the best possible outcome in every case. Give us a call or submit a contact form request to get started!

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