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Have You or a Loved One Been Accused of a Violent Crime?

If you or a loved one are facing a criminal charge and require immediate legal assistance, our experienced attorneys are always here to help. We acknowledge the complexities of the legal system regarding violent crimes and the serious implications these charges can have. Our approach is both aggressive and comprehensive, dealing with each case’s unique aspects, from the circumstances of the alleged crime to the defense strategies required.

Committed to safeguarding your rights, we aim for the best possible outcome in every case, whether it involves a simple altercation or more severe charges like manslaughter or aggravated assault. With over 45 years of combined experience, our team at Washo & Spivey excels in defending against a range of violent offenses. We possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of violent crime cases and their profound impact on your life.

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Facing charges for violent crimes can lead to severe consequences, including imprisonment, fines, and probation. It is crucial to have a skilled attorney by your side to safeguard your rights and interests. At Washo & Spivey, our extensive experience spans various manslaughter, homicide, and firearm cases. Clients trust us for our meticulous attention to detail and a track record of successful representation in and out of the courtroom.

Choosing Washo & Spivey means opting for 24/7 legal support for criminal cases in Lake and Sumter County. Our local criminal lawyers are readily available to provide assistance. Strategically positioned adjacent to the Lake and Sumter County Courthouse and Lake County Jail, our office guarantees optimal timeliness and efficiency for your case. When your freedom is at stake, rely on Washo & Spivey for dedicated and effective legal representation.

Types of Violent Crimes in Florida

Common violent crimes in Florida include a range of offenses, including assault, battery, robbery, manslaughter, and homicide. These crimes typically involve cause injury, force, or the threat of force, and the severity can vary from simple assault to first-degree murder, each carrying significant legal implications and requiring knowledgeable legal defense.


Murder charges involve the unlawful killing of another person with the intent to kill or intent to harm. These offenses are among the most serious, carrying potential life imprisonment or the death penalty. The severity demands careful consideration of the specific circumstances and intent involved in each case.


Manslaughter, distinct from murder, involves killing without premeditation or malice aforethought. In Florida, it’s typically considered a second-degree felony with penalties ranging from imprisonment or fines. Legal defense in manslaughter cases often revolves around the absence of intent and the circumstances surrounding the incident.


Florida’s 10-20-Life law imposes mandatory minimum sentences for crimes involving firearms. The law dictates a 10-year sentence for brandishing a gun, 20 years for firing, and 25 years to life if someone is hurt or killed. Defense strategies in these cases require careful navigation of these stringent sentencing guidelines.

Firearm Offenses

Firearm offenses cover a range of illegal activities, including unlawful possession, carrying without a permit, and using a firearm in the commission of a crime. These offenses carry significant legal consequences, such as fines, imprisonment, and potential loss of future gun rights.

Insanity Defense

The insanity defense is a legal strategy where a defendant claims mental illness as a reason for their criminal actions, asserting they were incapable of understanding the consequences or nature of their behavior. It is a complex and controversial defense, requiring thorough psychiatric evaluation and legal scrutiny to determine its validity.

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Our local violent crime lawyers are here to provide strategic representation and guidance during this challenging period. Violent crimes, such as murder and manslaughter, involve aggressive or harmful actions, leading to serious legal consequences like fines, jail time, injunctions, and probation. Contact our office to schedule a consult with a Tavares criminal defense attorney, The Villages criminal defense attorney, or Bushnell criminal defense attorney.

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