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Have You or a Loved One Been Accused of Assault?

If you or someone you know is facing an assault or battery charge, our Tavares assault and battery attorneys are here to help. Washo & Spivey is a criminal defense law firm specializing in strong legal defense for assault and battery cases from minor offenses to more serious cases.

An assault charge can have serious legal and social consequences including loss of reputation, employment, relationships, and even jail time depending on the circumstances. Our attorneys have been successfully representing assault and battery clients for 45+ years and have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to get the best possible outcome for your case. We are also conveniently located next to the Lake County Clerk of Courts and Lake County Jail.

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What Is the Difference Between Assault & Battery?

Assault and battery are often mentioned together but are distinct legal concepts. Assault is an intentional act that creates a reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact. It involves a threat or attempt to cause harm, where the victim fears that physical violence is forthcoming. No physical contact is necessary for an assault charge; the key element is the fear of harm.

Battery is the actual physical act of harmful or offensive contact. It requires that the assailant makes contact with the victim, directly or indirectly, in a harmful or offensive manner. While assault focuses on the threat of violence, battery deals with the realization of that threat. In many jurisdictions, the severity of charges and penalties differ based on whether an act is categorized as assault or battery.

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Florida Assault & Battery Laws & Penalties

Assault is generally charged as a misdemeanor, while battery can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on factors such as injury severity and whether the accused has prior convictions. Aggravated assault and battery involving a deadly weapon or resulting in serious bodily injury are usually treated more severely as felonies.

Common Assault Charges in the State of Florida

The state of Florida recognizes several different assault and battery charges depending on the circumstances of the crime(s). This includes whether or not the offender used a weapon, how severe of an injury they caused, their relationship to the victim, and their previous criminal record.

Domestic Battery

Domestic battery is a criminal offense involving physical aggression or violence within a domestic setting, such as between spouses, partners, or family members. It includes hitting, slapping, or any other form of physical abuse. The crime is taken seriously, often resulting in arrest, legal charges, and protective orders for victims. If you or a loved one has been accused of domestic assault, you can schedule a meeting with a Tavares domestic violence attorney, Bushnell domestic violence attorney, or The Villages domestic violence attorney by calling our office.

Simple Assault

Simple assault is a legal charge for an attempt or threat to inflict physical harm on someone, without actual physical contact. It involves creating a fear of imminent violence in the victim, typically classified as a misdemeanor. Penalties can include fines, probation, or short-term jail sentences, depending on the jurisdiction.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault often involves a weapon or intent to commit a more serious crime like murder or rape and includes actions that create a genuine fear of severe injury or death in the victim. This type of assault is usually treated as a felony with heavier penalties such as longer prison sentences and more expensive fines.

Battery on a Person Over 65

Battery on a person over 65 is a distinct criminal offense that involves intentionally striking or touching a person aged 65 or older against their will. Recognizing the vulnerability of older adults, this crime often carries enhanced penalties compared to standard battery charges.


Stalking involves repeatedly following, watching, or harassing an individual, causing them to feel fear for their safety. It can include physical surveillance, unwanted communication, and online monitoring. Stalking is recognized as a serious crime that can lead to injunctions, criminal charges, and varied penalties based on the severity and impact on the victim.

Misdemeanor Assault or Battery

In legal terms, misdemeanor assault or battery refers to less severe forms of assault and battery, typically involving threats of harm or minor physical contact without serious injury. These charges often result in less severe punishments compared to felony charges, including shorter jail terms, probation, and fines, reflecting the lesser degree of harm involved.

Felony Assault or Battery

Felony assault or battery accounts for more serious incidents that involve significant harm, use of a deadly weapon, or intent to commit a major crime. This elevated classification leads to harsher penalties, such as longer prison sentences, heavier fines, and more substantial consequences on the offender’s future.

Sexual Battery

Sexual battery, a severe criminal offense, involves non-consensual sexual contact or penetration, irrespective of the victim’s resistance. Classified often as a felony, it carries significant legal consequences, including lengthy imprisonment, mandatory sex offender registration, and fines. If you have been accused of sexual assault or battery, you can call our office to schedule a consultation with a Tavares sex crime attorney, Bushnell sex crime attorney, or The Villages sex crime attorney.

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If you or someone you know has been accused of battery or assault in Tavares, FL, contact our office for fast legal assistance. You can give us a call or submit a form request through our website to schedule a consultation with a Tavares assault and battery attorney, Bushnell assault and battery attorney, or The Villages assault and battery attorney.

We understand that a criminal charge can be alarming and have serious impacts on the rest of your life, especially if you have no prior experience with the Florida legal system. Our criminal defense law firm is here to provide strong representation and ongoing support to help you achieve the best possible legal outcome.

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